Mandrillcomics Manifesto

  1. Creators are free and equal in their art. They are endowed with creativity and talent and should use them for the reader's entertainment.
  2. The webcomic is an art form, a way for people to express themselves. Mandrillcomics aims for its global recognition and to build a community around it.
  3. Mandrillcomics is committed to support and assist creators by providing them technical and financial ways to develop their art.
  4. Mandrillcomics stand for the independence and intellectual property of creators in the process of making, distribution and commercialisation of their art.
  5. Mandrillcomics will keep a total transparency to users and creators regarding every financial transaction. The shared percentage will be fixed and subject to modification only after clear and justified explanation.
  6. Mandrillcomics believe in a ethical and clean internet. We will not use or share any personal data to external suppliers without a clear agreement from the person concerned.
  7. Freedom of speech is a human right. Mandrillcomics give a total liberty to the artists by letting them responsible of theirs creations.
  8. We accept and support everyone to create without any discrimination of level. Mandrillcomics provide creative tools and assistance to anyone wishing to create on the platform.
  9. The webcomic is a mean of expression and personal fulfillment. Mandrillcomics work for its internal recognition and encourage people to find time to create.
  10. Bring all the webcomic's creators onto one unique website, providing them a place where they can meet and talk and create together.
  11. Mandrillcomics will give any community member the possibility to interact with each other sharing a place where to create and work together.
  12. We are here thanks to the community, Your opinions and needs are significant to Mandrillcomics.