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What's is this place

Mandrillcomics is the place for webcomic enthusiasts. More than just a platform we build a tribe every day on a common passion: Webcomics.
We created this space to help artists gain visibility and recognition by encouraging them to create and diffuse their works.

Your imagination is your only limit

Here you can post and share your webcomics, creation of any kind.

The artist is free in his creation. Whether in the techniques used, the dimensions, the format.
The artist remains the sole owner of his comic and he is free to manage as he wants. You can find our Manifesto

The most advanced website creating and reading webcomic.

To help the artist in disseminating his works on the web, a sharing feature of the comic is available. With just one click your comic will be connected to your social networks

For the format and dimensions of your comic, you are free to do as you like, we develop an image recognition I.A. that will cut and recompose the image according to the boxes for a better reading comfort whether on smartphone, tablet.

More than just a website, a community

Meet other artists, collaborate with them, take part in prizes competition.
We are also here to help you for anything related to your webcomic. If you wish to print a book, get revenue and get more visibility.

Welcome in the Tribe!

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